Stivaly’s Cakes will take all necessary precautions to protect your desserts from damages during delivery. Once the desserts are delivered according to the order, Stivaly’s Cakes cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the client, guests, venue employees or any person in attendance of the event.

Stivaly’s Cakes delivery driver will leave order at the doorstep. If more delicate items, driver will wait no longer than 15 minutes at delivery location. If client does not accept the order w/in 15 minutes, a full re-delivery fee will be charged to Client before re-delivery is made (if availability in our schedule, if no availability, order will be left at doorstep).
If the customer gives a wrong address, he will have to pay the difference from the wrong address to the correct address, before the product is delivered, if the customer refuses to pay the difference, Stivaly’s Cakes driver may not deliver the product and return it to our location.



If client declines delivery, Stivaly’s Cakes will not be held responsible for damage incurred after orders are picked up. Client or their designee agrees to transport desserts in an air-conditioned vehicle at all times, on a flat surface and away from objects that could obstruct or collapse on the desserts.

The pick-up date for the order can not be changed. If client does not pick up during pick up hours, Stivaly’s Cakes will not be held liable. If the pick up location is open the following business day, client may come to pick up (Stivaly’s Cakes will not be held liable for the condition of desserts). Pick up hours will not be extended. If client does not come to pick up order, and the location is not open the next day, or client refuses to come the next day, Stivaly’s Cakes is not liable. No refund, credit, or exchange will be given.

Spoken or written refrigeration tips & instructions given by Stivaly’s Cakes or team are to be followed by client to ensure quality. Stivaly’s Cakes will not be held responsible for damages incurred if tips & instructions are followed/not followed by client.